World in Conflict and Economies in Transition

News Briefs and Analyses of Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Other Hot Spots

By: Sam Vaknin, Ph.D.

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This is a series of briefs published between October 2002 and the present by United Press International (UPI), and in other Webzines and periodicals throughout Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) and the Balkans (Southeastern Europe).

The articles deal with the history, geopolitics, societies, cultures, and economies of developing countries and post-Communist countries in transition.

They are arranged chronologically. Briefs are added periodically.

World in Conflict and Transition

Blogging the Apocalypse

Herzl's Butlers

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Cyclopedia of Economics and Economies in Transition

Table of Contents

In Chronological Order

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The Chechen Theatre Ticket

Macedonia's Augean Stables

Selling Arms to Rogue States

The Freedom of Indices

Russia's Israeli Oil Bond

The Skoda Model

Microsoft's Third Front

Eastern Europe's Change of Climate

Losing the Iraq War

Russia's Idled Spies

Organ Trafficking in Eastern Europe

Europe's Four Speeds

Electricity Markets in Eastern Europe

Belarus - Europe's Pariah Strongman

Europe's Japanese Economy

Surviving on Nuclear Waste

Wanted: An East European Ataturk

Austria - Rejoining the East

Europe's Agricultural Revolution

Europe's New Plague

Russia's Last Oligarch

How the West Lost the East

Women in Transition

Switching Empires

Dimitry Goes to Washington

Russia's Middle Class

The Kleptocracies of the East

Transition in Context

The Balkans in 2003 and 2008

Western Migration to East Europe

The Demonetization of the East

Russia in 2003

Entertaining the Masses in Transition

The Balkan - The View from Brussels

Lukoil's Changing Fortunes

Leapfrogging to Cellular

Winning the European CAP

The Business of Torture

The Czechs' Indian Gambit

Healing the East

The Uncommon Poverty of the Commonwealth

The Bankrupt Sovereign

Eastward, Ho - FDI in CEE

The Demise of the Mittelstand

Export Processing Zones

Bulgaria - The Quiet American

Russia's British Turning Point

Russia Straddles the Euro-Atlantic Divide

The Euro-Atlantic Divide

Germany's Rebellious Colonies

God's Diplomacy and Human Conflicts

The Economies of the Middle East

The Eastern League

Turkey's Jewish Friend

How the West Killed Djindjic

Containing the United States

Is It All About Oil?

The Albanian Asylum

Iraq's Reconstruction - Payback Time

Israel - The Next Target

Turkey's Losing Streak

Russia's Stealth Diplomacy

The Axis of Oil

Sanctioning Sharon

On the Road to Damascus

The Gulf between Baghdad and Doha

Russia's Younger Brother

Romania's Private Defense

The Lessons of Grundig

Lebanon - The Forgotten Key

Russian Synergies - YukosSibneft

OPEC's Swan Song?

Switzerland's Cheesy Economy

(Briefs are added periodically)

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