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Narcissistic Abuse or Its Aftermath?

I coined the phrase “narcissistic abuse” in 1995. And “no contact”. And much else besides.


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Cold Therapy is a treatment modality for Depression and for Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD).

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What is Cold Therapy?



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Developed by Sam Vaknin, Cold Therapy is based on two premises: (1) That narcissistic disorders are actually forms of complex post-traumatic conditions; and (2) That narcissists are the outcomes of arrested development and attachment dysfunctions. Consequently, Cold Therapy borrows techniques from child psychology and from treatment modalities used to deal with PTSD.

Cold Therapy consists of the re-traumatization of the narcissistic client in a hostile, non-holding environment which resembles the ambience of the original trauma. The adult patient successfully tackles this second round of hurt and thus resolves early childhood conflicts and achieves closure rendering his now maladaptive narcissistic defenses redundant, unnecessary, and obsolete. It was found to also be effective with major depressive episodes.

Cold Therapy makes use of proprietary techniques such as erasure (suppressing the client’s speech and free expression and gaining clinical information and insights from his reactions to being so stifled). Other techniques include: grandiosity reframing, guided imagery, negative iteration, other-scoring, happiness map, mirroring, escalation, role play, assimilative confabulation, hypervigilant referencing, and re-parenting. It is proving to be an effective treatment for major depressive episodes (see this article about the link between pathological narcissism and depression and this article about depression and regulatory narcissistic supply in narcissism).

Cold Therapy Lecture Notes              Introduction to Cold Therapy (German)                    Cold Therapy, Warmly Recommended              Journal of Clinical Review and Case Reports





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Lidija Rangelovska, an expert on narcissistic abuse and recovery from post-traumatic conditions is now available for consultations. Lidija is the long-time editor of the "Malignant Self-love" series of books, e-books, and video lectures on personality disorders and abusive relationships with narcissists and psychopaths.



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